Phoenix Pure is a water purification and water remediation technology development company.

Phoenix works to develop simple and scalable products and systems to address the numerous water contaminates in surface, ground, well and municipal water supplies, in addition to pioneering a bulk water purification unit that is poised to replace bottled water as the go-to solution when disasters strike or water infrastructure is unable to meet the need for providing clean drinking water.

Phoenix’s IP is organized under an initial Patent of “Hybrid Purification Optimization” (HPO) ™. This family of IP covers a multitude of purification technologies arranged to provide a comprehensive and complete purification process that can literally turn raw wastewater into drinking water under the EPA’s drinking water requirements.

We now live in a world with COVID-19 as the new normal. However, we also are living in a world where PFAS contamination of even regulated municipal water supplies exists. The world is looking for cost effective and efficient solutions for removing PFAS contamination from water sources to protect both drinking water supplies and the water in our natural environment.

PFAS refers to per- and poly- fluoroalkyl substances that are manmade chemicals used in waterproof and stain resistant products (coatings) and fire foam. PFAS is more generically called a forever chemical due to the man-made characteristics of its molecular structure that make them virtually indestructible and environmentally resilient. This means they do not break down in the environment like other chemicals, and even more alarming, they bio-accumulate in everything, including people. These properties of PFAS have created a worldwide contamination problem in groundwater, surface water, soil and in some situations, contaminated air. The family of chemicals were used for decades on common products like non-stick pans, scotch guard, Gore-Tex, and other water and stain repellants, along with considerable use in fire-fighting foam.

To learn more about PFAS, see our Education and What is PFAS? pages