Life saving water purification and remediation technology

the world has never before seen

Phoenix Pure is committed to creating high tech solutions for providing clean water to people and the environment.

About our company

Phoenix Pure (“Phoenix”) is a high level water purification and contaminated water remediation technology company with more than 35 years of experience in the industry by its owner.  Phoenix and its owner have accumulated several Patents and Trademarks in the area of water pollution technology for filtration, purification and distillation.  All of Phoenix’s intellectual property (“IP”) address methods of innovative remediation and recycling of contaminated water.


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What Industry Leaders Say

Jane Crady
Catholic Charities Disaster Preparedness & Response

"I saw the Guardian 4000 in action at a demonstration in Indianapolis, and Wow! Just Wow! This system has so much potential for Disaster Response.”

Anne Edwards
MESH Coalition

"This technology can reduce hospital surge by keeping dialysis patients out of the hospital during a power or water outage.”

Scott McKay, First Responder
KoKomo, IN Fire Department

“The water security that the Guardian 4000 offers to its end user is enormously important. It’s a win-win technology that should be adopted immediately in many areas, not only for humanitarian aid abroad, but also for what is needed locally.”

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